Tripod Base TB-20 (Black)

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Tripod Base TB-20 (Black)

TB-20 is a tripod base to enable to remove the rapid center column of selected Gitzo Series 2 tripods.

  • Tripod bases are only to replace the rapid center column. They are not for tripods with geared or leveling center column.
  • Tripod bases fit only the listed Gitzo tripods. They don't fit any other brands such as Benro.
  • Tripod bases are not required at all to use Markins ballheads.

Added Benefits Mounted between your tripod and ballhead, this Markins tripod base enhances stability and reduces vibration. Allowing to remove the center column, the tripod base reduces the weight of tripod, and especially, enables the tripod to get closer to the ground for macro photography.

Keep the Convenient Hook  Provided connection tube allows to keep the convenient center hook on its place.

Material and Finish The base plate is made of light weight and strong duralumin. Special hard anodized finish gives its surface extreme scratch resistancy.

TB-20 is compatible with following Gitzo Tripods:

Type 1 - Gitzo G1220, Gitzo G1224, Gitzo G1226, Gitzo G1227, Gitzo G1228, Gitzo G1257, Gitzo G1258, Gitzo G1297, Gitzo G1298

Type 2 - Gitzo GT2530, Gitzo GT2540, Gitzo GT2541L, Gitzo GT2931, Gitzo GT2940L, Gitzo GT2941, Gitzo GT2941L