Q3i Traveler with Lever Release (Blue)

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Q3i Traveler with Lever Release (Blue)

Markins Q3i is an all-in-one type ballhead with panning base. It is our smallest and lightest ballhead. It is designed for Gitzo Traveler series tripods. (Camera/lens plate is required.)

Markins Q3 Traveler is a triumph of compact design and precision engineering. The compactness and light weight of Q3 Traveler is an ideal match with Gitzo Traveler Series 1 tripods.  It is custom-designed to allow the Gitzo Traveler Series 1 tropods to be reverse-folded compact. It is also strong enough to support small SLR cameras with mid-sized zoom lens.

Markins Lever Release Quickshoe is a major breakthrough for professional photographers. It combines the best of both worlds, efficiency of lever release and compatibility of screw release. It is lightening quick and easy to fully open and close the quickshoe, while it has the flexibility to be adjusted for plates that are slightly larger than Markins standard.

Measures 48(W) x 89(D) mm